We're excited to meet you!


When you come to Church at the Creek, all you need to remember is this:  

You can relax. You’re with friends.

Whether you’re a seasoned church veteran or you’ve never been in church before, you can anticipate an encouraging and enlightening experience. Our worship experiences are designed to be relevant, enjoyable and meaningful. After the message, we’ll gather around God’s table and experience Jesus’ very real presence through Communion.

Here's what you need to know

What Should I Wear?

We are fairly casual, so no matter what you wear you will fit in. The rule is: wear clothes.

What About the Kids?

We have age appropriate worship environments for the kids at every gathering. We have a nursery for infants, and a pre-school room for toddlers through five-year-olds. We offer songs, group activities, and a brief lesson for the pre-schoolers, and an interactive, energetic environment for 1st - 5th graders that reinforces important ethics outlined in the Bible.

All of our children’s leaders go through training, a background check and interviews to ensure your child’s safety. If you want to better understand what the kids do, feel free to hang around and check it out.

What happens when I first come to Church at the Creek?


After helping yourself to any spot in the parking lot, come inside and grab a complimentary cup of coffee/water and a snack (we've got donuts and fruit too, so help yourself. You're who its for!). If you want to drop off your kids, you'll head straight down the hall and to the right. If you need to use the bathroom, you can find it easily on your left. (Don't be afraid to ask for help finding your way!)

What should I expect during the worship experience?

The worship experience will start with a few worship songs and a time to see what Church at the Creek has been doing in the community. Feel free to listen or sing along (we'll have the words on a screen behind the band). Pastor Tyler, our Lead Pastor, will then give a message. After the message we will finish the service by taking communion, which is a time for the church to remember Jesus' death on the cross and what it means for us today. Don't feel pressured to take communion if you do not confess faith in Jesus. We understand that we're all on a journey together.


Find Us:

Church at the Creek
24500 E. 6th Avenue
Aurora, CO. 80018

Meeting @ Vista PEAK Preparatory at 9:00am

Phone: 720-393-9880

Email: churchatthecreekaurora@gmail.com